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Noticias 26-06-2008 First International Conference of the Tiss. EU project Ethical and Legal Aspects of Research with Human Tissue in Europe, Germany

The acronym Tiss.EU stands for “Evaluation of Legislation and Related Guidelines on the Procurement, Storage and Transfer of Human Tissues and Cells in the European Union — an Evidence-Based Impact Analysis”. The project’s aim is to assess the impact made by European Union’s regulatory activities to date on research in the member states (plus Switzerland). To this end, the project will gather and compare national legislative instruments and guidelines with the help of external experts and make these data available to the public. As a culmination of the project, recommendations are to be drafted for possible ethical and legal guidelines in the interests of European-wide convergence and harmonisation. For the First International Conference of the Tiss.EU project in Göttingen, Germany, from 26th to 28th June 2008, we are inviting contributions to the following thematic areas:

• Ethical & legal regulations regarding the procurement, storage and transfer of tissue and cells for research;
• Rights and entitlements to tissue and cells;
• Anonymisation and pseudonymisation to protect privacy rights;
• Ethical & legal aspects of research with biobanks;
• National regulations in the field of research with human tissue in individual EU member states.

Date: 06/26/2008 to 06/28/2008
University Medical Center Göttingen

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